How to validate SAAS idea?

Mustafa Kural
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We are developing a software product. It will take around 3 months to develop. In the meantime, we want to sense the pulses. In your opinion what is the best way to get honest feedback if the idea worth pursuing? We already have a landing page, images, videos ready for prelaunch campaigns. We believe the fastest way is to run a Facebook campaign without trying to sell the product but to make people signup to be eligible for a special launch discount. Let us know what you think. All the best.


Daryl Bartkunsky
Not a bad idea, however I think you should also consider a little bit of brand awareness in mix. It is said people only buy from brands after at least being touched 3 times.
Mustafa Kural
@sbrands sure, we will address top of funnel with some lead magnets (free tools people can get value using and PDFs) without being too salesy :)
Tarek Dajani
First of all is there a comparable product? That atleast implies that there is a market for your product. To be honest, you can't really be sure of a generic idea, unless you ask people or maybe use an idea validation website, but then there you only go ask someone "what If I make you a website that does x and y" and they say yea that's cool. Then you go make the product and they have alot of different opinions, like price is too high, or it misses x, y and z features. So my piece of advice, if there is a comparable successful product, then your partially safe (partially because success then depends on execution and some luck ofcourse :) ). if not, then try to get an MVP working in maybe one or one and half months and go ask your friends , family or maybe potential users about it and based on feedback start working on the remaining features. Last thing, save your extra cash in marketing your product after you get feedback and modify the product maybe 2-3 times. Good luck
Mustafa Kural
@tdajani appreciate sharing your thoughts, I more or less agree with you. But there is not much competitor honestly, so its not gonna be easy :)
Valerie Fenske
I've always though the idea validation is the first thing you do. Next - building the product. Otherwise you might spend the resources on what's not needed.