Do you experiment with your habits or routine to improve your wellbeing?

Gabrielė Jusaitytė
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I’m currently experimenting with interconnectedness of Sleep, Mood, Productivity, Health, Physical Activity and Food by tracking it all on a daily basis for 3 months using Feelsom, that I've bootstrapped to 'scratch my own itch' and just posted my experience and findings here -> I’m interested to know, what do you do to improve your well-being, do you use tracking tools to dig deeper and would you be open to try something new?


As I get older and understand my body better I don't change too much but I do like tracking streaks with pen and paper when I am setting challenges like to exercise every week day or avoid meat or processed food.
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@abadesi thanks for your comment! I've been doing the same thing with stretching and reading, though when trying to figure out causes for my health symptoms, etc. I found it extremely difficult to keep track of my notes not to mention connecting the dots between them.