Looking for survey participants for a productivity app 🙏

Nassos Kappa
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Hey Makers! I'm working on an app that helps professionals save time digitizing handwritten notes with photos or speech and then export to Trello or share in any way they prefer. Survey ⟶ https://brillapp.typeform.com/to... I appreciate your help. Thanks!


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@nassoskappa Done! Goodluck!
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@erhankaradeniz Brilliant! Thank you so much. This is super helpful!
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@nassoskappa all done!
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@michael_merlino thank you! I appreciate your time on this.
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@nassoskappa id be more than happy to help
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@bmweinstein thank you so much! 🙏
@nassoskappa Done. Good luck!
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@vinay_w you rock! 🤘 Much appreciated.
@nassoskappa Done! Good luck!
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@mari_lee__ thank you so much. This is very helpful.