Which one is better as a tagline for hengam.io? and why?

Ali Rajool
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here is the link to the product: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Be aware of 💤idle users behavior and truly engage them 😺
Stop users from uninstalling your app


Clear, concise, and something I'd want!
@jillian_tohber_leslie1 Thanks, As I can't see your personal response, please tell me which one do you prefer?
I like the one that says, "Stop users from uninstalling..."
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Hey, I get an error message when I click the provided link. I really like what you're working on. It's critical for us product owners. If I thought about how I'd see your product as a branded commercial, I'd look for something to stick in my head. I hope you don't mind that I've proposed an additional tagline for hangam.io..."Keep 'em coming back". Thoughts?
@tl__robinson Hi Robinson, Thanks for your note, I updated the link. Also, I added your suggestion as our new tagline to see how it works. ;)
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@mrzrm Thank you!
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When you write copy go for short, appealing and use frontloading. Tell me what it does. Frontloading text means tell me the important information first. Most people just scan read quickly. You need to capture their attention. Although 'stop users from uninstalling your app' makes it sound like you will prevent customers / app users from making an autonomous choice, bit draconian. The suggestion above of "keep 'em coming back" is nice.
@zoezoefay Hi Zoe, I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question. It has really helped me
"truly engage" is too generic and could mean almost anything, "Stop users from uninstalling" is much better
@pavellitvinko_com Hi Pavel, Thanks for your prompt response