We organized our first meetup in Dubai which was massive hit :)

Akshat Sharma
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Awesome! Can you share advice about what made the meetup go so well? It will help hosts running future meetups.
Akshat Sharma
@abadesi First & foremost, choose a space which is accessible to all. Have food & foremost, identify one right person who can influence & speak on the event. Also, i & my PH mate spoke as well. Have a look at the presentation i crated - https://www.slideshare.net/Aksha... Also a short video -
Will write a small blog as well soon. @abadesi i also want to speak once you are free to make things more effective.
@shrmaky Amazing - this is really helpful. I'm going to gather all the learnings to share in a Product Hunt blog.
Well, I'm going to go to Dubai now and actually I'm pretty nervous now because it's my first business trip and straight in UAE... But I know that it will be VERY useful for me because I'm going to know about how to get a dubai residence visa there and it will be a very valuable information for me. I've already consulted about it here https://emirabiz.com/getting-uae-residency/ and I've liked them but I think the live meeting will not be excess.
Alex Shawn
Great to hear about the success of your first meetup in Dubai! It's wonderful to see individuals actively encouraging such gatherings. If anyone needs information about dubai metro timing or navigating through the metro system, feel free to reach out to me. I'm more than happy to assist.