Getting ready to launch - what should I improve?

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Makers, is ready for launch in 10 days. Would love to get your thoughts/feedback. Thanks, Sree


@cloud_locker Who is your target audience for the product?
@abadesi B2C - Consumers initially. We are also pursuing B2C via Businesses (B2B2C) such as Senior Living / Estate Lawyers etc.
Nigel Antony
@cloud_locker I had a look at your website. What is the kind of information you are helping users manage? It would be good if you could add some more info about the exact use case. Just my 2 cents! :)
@cloud_locker I swear I don't want to be offensive but it doesn't look like a website I would trust, especially for important documents. The copy is good, I'm talking about the design.
@luqa Thanks for your honest feedback. We are working on the new version. If you have any suggestions on what websites make you feel secure (the design), that would be helpful.
@cloud_locker talking about the homepage, logo, fonts, and buttons are too big. The buttons "Learn More" and "Find out how" aren't aligned, you should try to have the same amount of rows in both the descriptions to make them aligned. The button's color looks too bright. I also don't like nunito sans (that's my personal taste of course). I know that they all seem small details but overall have a big impact.