Early stage product feedback

Andreea Bunica
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Hello! I'm working on an AR pocket device for teams to be able to collaborate on projects physically from afar. I've just launched a basic email-subscription product concept page, to mark some form of online presence whilst I'm developing the hardware and the software MVP. Wondering if anyone could give it a quick look and send some feedback my way for this first step? Link: https://www.mean-bean.com/


Ryan Solomon
Love the idea and excited to see the journey! I'd suggest changing up your site. The initial landing page will probably have people leave the site since you have to click to "Enter" the site. So I'd suggesting making a one page site that explains what you are building in like 3 sentences, an email opt in, and also links to your social media 👍
Andreea Bunica
@ryan_s5 thank you for the feedback Ryan, noted! I didn't realise how finnicky the website was to begin with!
Valerie Fenske
so that is a device to place things on a table? I was a bit confused
Andreea Bunica
@valeryfenskaya hi Valerie! the end product will be a card-packet sized projector that allows you to share your physical workspace with remote colleagues. So let's say, if you are working on a puzzle, and your remote teammate needs to give you physical instructions on what steps to follow next, the device would display these instructions overlaid on top of your physical environment. It's AR, but in real life. :)