Who uses a testing framework?

Sam Abrika
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Hi Makers, I was looking for a solution that would help manage all the unit and integration tests. Cucumber is apparently the most used framework but I don't understand the hype. Its language gherkin does not automate the tests, so it just feels like more work. Is anyone using a useful framework or solution that can integrate with gitlab/github for CI? Thanks


Adeeba Fatima
Hi Sam, It depends upon the programming language that you are comfortable with! If you are comfortable writing Selenium scripts with JavaScript then Nightwatch.js would be a good pick for end-to-end test automation. You can find similar frameworks in other programming languages too! It might also depend upon the front-end of your web application. For example, if you have an Angular application then Protractor would be a smart choice! With that said, if you looking for an integration to GitLab or GitHub CI/CD then cloud-based Selenium Grid as a service would be helpful. I would recommend LambdaTest. I have been using it from almost an year now and the online Selenium Grid and I believe it would suit your use case perfectly. Their grid is compatible with unit and end-to-end test automation frameworks. Also, you can integrate to numerous CI/CD tools including GitHub and GitLab. https://www.producthunt.com/post...