How do you spice up your sexual life?

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We’re Qualisex: we help people have more joyful sex lives. Now we create a service for couple, with recommendation system and personalization. Using the mechanics of tasks and survey, we create a journey map for couple with individual plan, for make sexual life more interesting and suitable. Now we have an MVP for russian customer. Do you have such a problem? How do you solve it now?


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The idea of engineering sexy questions seems counterintuitive to me. Shouldn't this be spontaneous and instinctive?
@abadesi thank you for your feedback. We know about this inside. We expect, that sometimes couple don't have enough knowledge about how to diversify sexual life, and how to talk about it. Our product could be a special trigger for couple who feels embarrassed. The problem of spontaneity could be solve by sending a task to only one person.
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Sexting, or explicit correspondence with the exchange of erotic photos, serves as great foreplay, slowly heating mutual sexual interest. It can even be done while sitting in adjoining rooms or lying next to each other on the couch. Have you never done it before? All the better. It's time to get started. The most workable option that worked for me was setting up a threesome. I booked an escort with City Butterflies , and my wife and I had fun. Many people would think it was cheating, but that's different!
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sex plays a big role in my life. I have a great sexual experience and I can share it with you. I believe that sex helps me relax and get unforgettable emotions. it is important for me to have regular and varied sex and I use interesting things for sex. I read a lot about it on the Internet and I think that it will be useful and interesting for every connoisseur of good sex too
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Have you thought about using some additional attributes for that? Take, for example, the collar that you can buy at I've introduced it into my sex life and now I'm glad I did. It has long been a symbol of one man's power over another and a symbol of a slave's belonging to his master. And this motif can even be taken as a basis for some kind of role-playing game. I hope I was able to help you in some way.