How you you reach out to customer who don't know that they need your product?

Caroline Chiari
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Hi, I recently realized that my customers are by definition not looking for my product. How can I reach out to them? My ideal customer is someone in IT who needs automation but is too afraid to look for tools or ways to automate because they're going to find code, which is intimidating to them.


Muntasir Rashid
Sometimes building awareness about your product starts with teaching your targeted customers how to solve their problem your way. Take the most painful problem your target personas are facing and write a tutorial on how to solve it. Be as much detailed as possible with screenshots, build comparison why your way is better than other possible ways and then market the tutorials with blogs, forums, newsletter and even product hunt :) Think about the possible online places your target persona spends time and reach there. I know, it's not easy to create demand when you have a brilliantly progressive solution where your potential customers are still unaware but it is possible with proper content marketing.
Piotr Gaczkowski
Have you thought about showing your product at different events that your target customers may attend? If they are not looking for your product specifically, but you think they might be interested in the benefit it brings, consider crafting your headline accordingly. So rather than "how to automate something", go for "how to gain inhuman speed and perform X tasks in Y amount of time" or something like that. Your customers have to be aware that such a product exists and if they are not looking for it, you can always pique their curiosity so they at least become aware of it.