How I came up with and validated the idea for NightCafe Creator - an AI Art Generator app

Angus Russell
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Last year I started working on my current side project, an AI Art Generator app called NightCafe Creator. I just published an article on Medium about how I came up with the idea, decided it was worth working on, and validated the concept. All without building an actual app. I've been working on side projects and startups my entire career, so I knew the first step wasn't to build the app, I first had to validate the concept. In the past I would have leapt into building the app before doing any kind of idea validation. Even though I've always known you need to validate your ideas before diving in, it's just so easy to make excuses, or trick yourself into thinking you've done enough validation because you just want to start building. It's taken a lot of side projects - and many failures - to really learn the importance of validating an idea before committing to building a product that no-one really wants. I'm happy with the process I followed this time. I hope you find it valuable to read about my process. Here's the article link: Follow my progress on NightCafe Creator on Product Hunt Makers:
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