When do you decide to delegate tasks?

Navid Kabir
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Hey guys! Just curious, when do you decide that you need to hire outside help to do a certain task vs. doing the task entirely yourself? Sometimes it's difficult to determine whether a task should be delegated or bootstrapped by a founder, and I was wondering how people deal with it. Hiring isn't always cheap (nor easy) either, and it can make the difference between a scalable business and an unprofitable one! Decisions...


Sean Kane
It depends on what you need delegating. A simple way to look at it is to recognize when you are often doing large amounts of work outside of where you deliver the most value. Sometimes those things are administrative, and sometimes they are heavy lifting things like architecture. If someone can do those things better than you can, and you can resume doing your most valuable work, it's worth the strong consideration. Also, hiring freelancers online is a great way to get the support you need for a couple hours a week to building teams. What is your current approach?
@sean_kane1 We currently find the slow points in our organization and hire freelancers to help speed them up, but there's no consistent way that we do it right now. It's really a need-to-hire basis for us.
Valerie Fenske
once I understand someone has more competence in the task, I am confidently delegating it. otherwise, I would spend hours and hours on doing that myself.