Looking for some feedback on smooper.com

Rachit Magon
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Hi hunters! I'm looking for some honest feedback on https://www.smooper.com I have left all other work and working on it full time so would love to hear your thoughts!! 1. Did you understand the idea from the landing page? 2. Do you feel this would help you, ever? Cheers, Rachit!


Laurent Pellegrino
@rachit_magon Hi Rachit! Congratulations for your new project. I got the idea quickly when enter the page. The design is really awesome. Did you use a template? However, there is one thing that question me as soon as got the purpose. Is 1 on 1 consultation sessions not expensive? it seems there is no information about pricing.
Rachit Magon
@ouaibou Hi Laurent! Thank you so much for taking the time out, looking at the website and your feedback! I didn't use a template but took inspiration from the ones on Themeforest. Built it from scratch using Gatsby and Bulma :) You’re right, I should mention the pricing. Right now the consultations are free, I’m pitching to marketing experts that these small consultations will help them generate leads without hard-selling their services. But I do need to add paid sessions soon :) Thanks a lot for the feedback it has really helped!
Ferenc Forgacs
@rachit_magon Hi Rachit, I had the same experience as Laurent. I went through the site, and in the end, I felt I know what this service is, how it works but I don't know how much this would cost for me. When I was doing consultancy, most of the time I felt that one session wasn't enough because at the beginning clients didn't ask the right questions. Don't you think that this could happen here as well? Probably a list with sample questions could help find the right direction. If I would be your potential customer, it would also help me to choose one of your experts if I could get more information about their experience (clients they worked with, results, etc). Short videos with some basic tips could also help to convince people, that they will work with great professionals. And to answer your second question, I think this could become a really useful service for quite a lot of people.
Angela von Wartburg
@rachit_magon The page looks good, it's clear what's it about and how the service works. I think it's a good idea. However, I couldn't figure out what your logo is about until I scrolled to the footer - and saw that it's a squirrel. Still hard to see there. I would work on the logo if it's not too late for that :)
@rachit_magon I remember your project, I saw it on getworm. I was from mobile and the chat looks too invasive. Overall, I like it, you're doing a good job with both copy and design. How is it going? Any paying customers? :D
Rachit Magon
@luqa Hi Luca, we've received around 100+ signups from experts and have scheduled a couple fo consultation calls. Not monetised the platform yet so no paying customers :)
Vinay W
@rachit_magon I understood the idea. It is pretty clear that you provide connections to digital marketing experts on demand. We use Upwork for software development projects, so we might consider a site like yours for digital marketing help as needed.