Looking for feedback on social media fundraising tool

Henry Wells
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Hi Makers! I've been working on a project designed to allow anyone to take simple, but meaningful action on ANY online media content with the push of a button. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I will refrain from providing the specifics, but this video should provide the necessary background - https://drive.google.com/file/d/... The quality is average as I pieced it together from an old explainer video we made for a previous project. But you should get the basic idea! We are currently in discussions about building a beta version and I would be hugely grateful for any feedback or suggestions! Thank you in advance.


Designer @ Snyk - Ex Product Hunt
@henry_wells Hey Henry! Really like this idea, I think the discovery of causes is really interesting, particularly for those that do not have the marketing resources to advertise and therefore perhaps don't get the exposure they should get. My only question as a consumer would be, are you making money from this? Say I saw a particularly distressing video on Twitter of animal cruelty, and I find the best way to support is via WWF (using NewCo), what % of that is going to the charity? My ideal would be 100%. I'm sure you've thought about this, but it would be good to know what your business model is and set my mind at ease as a consumer that I'm giving my entire support to the cause. Best of luck with the project, like I say, I love the idea!
@de Thanks Dan - appreciate the support and thank you for the question. This is a social enterprise and we will pass on 100% of your donation to charity. Our business model does not involve taking a clip on donations.
Designer @ Snyk - Ex Product Hunt
@henry_wells Fantastic to hear! Please keep me updated with your progress, you could actually create a free Ship upcoming page where myself and others can sign up for updates :)
@de Thanks Dan, will do!