7 Numbers to Know About the Subscription Economy

Alejandro Cantarero
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* 💸 Digital subscriptions expected to double to $1.5T USD by 2025 * 🗺 The US consumes 53% of all digital subscriptions * 🛍 e-commerce subscriptions are the #1 category, expected to grow 63% over 5-years to $478B USD * 👩‍💻 SaaS is the next largest category, expected to double to $307B USD * 📱 Mobile app spending continues to grow to $270B USD * 📺 Streaming services set to hit $155B USD with over 1.1 billion SVOD subscribers * 📈 The business of running a subscription business is booming at $10.5B USD, with over 100 SaaS companies listed on G2 More details and links to reports. Is your product a subscription, or planning to launch a subscription soon? How do you differentiate yourself in such a crowded space?
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