For early stage SAAS: What is the best channel to start with for aquisition through inbound?

Sai Prasanth D
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- Content marketing - partnerships - Ads ??


Rahul Arora
Blend of many things that can develop trust online Checkout this tweet: for social media tips Content marketing will always take you a long way as people start seeing you as someone legitimate
Sai Prasanth D
@rahul__arora Hi Rahul, That is very informative. But the point is content marketing can give long term effects for sure But is that the only first inbound channel to focus and then focus on others Goal is to get some quick quality demos through inbound in 2 months, so will content marketing with out ad spends can get us there or should we start with partnerships?
Eric Harris
This is interesting and I'd like to think its a mix of things. Because no one knows who you are as a brand, I have found that starting out as a person (founder, marketing, product developer) and sharing the journey you are on is often more appealing than just talking about your product and how good it is. People care about stories more than products and its the stories that can help share how your product solves a problem they may or may not know they had.
Sai Prasanth D
@eharris04 Yes, I agree that stories can take the brand faster to the market. This implies more about social media marketing Does this imply social media marketing is the channel we have to start quick for inbound than content marketing (which talks about features and product benefits)