looking for a idea for product

yong wang
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Hello makers ,I am a developer from China, who is finding a idea. hoping the advices from you,


Caroline Chiari
My #1 advice is not to look for a product to create but a problem to solve. People who look for products to create are employees, people who look for problems to solve are entrepreneurs. Start with yourself: what is a problem that you have that you would like solved? Is it a problem that other people have? How annoying is it? would you be willing to pay to get it solved? Here's a YC talk that could be helpful:
Caroline Chiari
@yong_wang2 you know what would be nice actually: an editor that would break down my content in sections based on headers and maybe allow me to write additional content for those sections, like a custom intro and conclusion. That smaller content can then be scheduled for a later date. Now that I think about it: Mind map content editor. Everything is a list of files. but I'd like to store my content marketing in a map, with content and concepts that links to each other. It would also allow for easier linking to other articles.
Caroline Chiari
@yong_wang2 Yes, but with full documents. I wrote an article recently about 5 reasons why no-code is great. what I would like to do is put this into a mind map. as individual pieces. and then generate the content.
Amy Frame
How about an app where people can post product ideas for other people to help with or complete? 🥳
hey there Yong, how about a product that searches, sorts, collates, learns, connects, prioritises and intuits all the information you need on a subject -- deep tech beyond google -- to solve the 2020 decade problem of needing USEFUL INFORMATION FAST?