Low-code builder for crunchbase type of application

Ramy Gharib
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I've been searching extensively for a solution for this and the closest I get is various BI-tools with heavy emphasis on data analysis and visualisation, which can be embedded into websites – GoodData.com coming close by offering white-label dashboards for external end-users. The application I am trying to build is more focused on search, discover and monitor entities (event-driven triggers) and less on providing BI dashboards to end-users. Any suggestions?


Chris Wray
Not go with low code? The issue is that there just isn’t anything out there that does exactly what you are looking for, and you will spend a couple years trying to build it that way until you finally realize you either can’t do it or you will have to learn how to code to do it. That is my story and I just want to save you the pain I went through. I did decide to learn how to code and it was worth it!