Sharing Incredible products on TikTok

Ryan Solomon
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Hey entrepreneurs and makers! I'm a part of the Entre team and on our TikTok I'm am starting a new series covering incredible startups and products. All you have to do is drop a link to your product and some key points that you want to be covered in the video No strings attached, only thing is that it if this posts get a lot of responses it might be a little difficult to do a TikTok on each of them It's a win-win -I win because it's amazing content -You win because it's free Thank ya


Alex Papageorge - #1 source of CEOs - Learn fun facts - Watch CEOS on video (fireside chat, product pitch, etc) - Follow them on social media I'm curious - Let's see what ya got! 😎 I have a few others if there's no hidden strings 👀