Where do freelancers spend most of their time other than working on the project in-hand?

Shiva Mangal
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Gilad Uziely
Hi Shiva, Been working in the freelancers space for a while and one of the things people get wrong often (IMHO) is that the look at freelancers as a homogenic group while the fact is that there are sooooo many sub groups that you really have to break it up. So in order to try and answer your question I have to ask; When you say freelances - what do you mean? Here are somethings we look it when segmenting: - Vertical - designer/developer/lawyer/plastic surgeon (all of them are independent contractors) - Full time VS part time - Are they full time freelancers or side-hustlers? - Time in freelancing - new comers will act very differently than people who are freelancing for a long time. - Types of gigs - Some will only do one thing like UX design while others will do design, video editing and driving Uber to smooth income. There are more but I guess you get where I was going with that. We wrote a cool article based on our own user data here - https://www.justlance.co/magazin...