Looking for Feedback for my Project for Makers Festival?

Sam Ben
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Hey Guys, I'm working on a web app that auto-generate a daily beautiful video from Product hunt posts' data. The video feature the top 5 products of yesterday including description, images, makers, comments and I will add reviews as soon as they're available in the API. Here is a link to a youtube video:
Please feel free to share your feedback on what I can optimize or add. Thank you.


Ryan Hoover
@ossamaweb very cool! Some feedback: - The music doesn't fit, imho. I don't have a great suggestion but I'd recommend exploring different soundtracks. - I might use the PH red brand color instead of the orange accent you have now. - The video feels pretty slow. I would try to find a way to fit it all in under a minute or two max. - In some cases the comments get cut off awkwardly mid-sentence. Stoked you're working on this. :)
Sam Ben
@rrhoover - I'm experimenting with new music from youtube audio library. - I changed the color to red. - I increased the animation duration and word per minute speed for text elements. The duration is decreased by approximately 40%. Kinda hard to achieve 2min max duration since some comments are longer than others. - I split the comments by sentences instead of word count. Thank you so much for the feedback. P.S I 'll try to add a TTS feature later.