What are the best tools to distribute a survey?

Yacine Achiakh
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Hi all, Just like any other yupsters in their late 20s living in the Silicon Valley a friend of mine and myself are trying to build a new product (so original...) centered on helping people get more focus. Before investing our sweat, our blood and proclaiming the death of our social lives, we're trying to assess whether or not this is a topic people are interested into and we built a survey (https://whitemirror.wixsite.com/...). What are the best ways to distribute it without spending $10k? So far we've been going after Facebook Groups/Pages, LinkedIn groups. What would you go with? Thanks a lot in advance for your help, Yacine


Ryan Hoover
@le_yass great question. You're probably doing some of the right things – go where your target demo hangs out. If you don't need a ton of survey replies, it might be worth using a 3rd party service (I believe Survey Monkey offers something like this) to pay for responses so you can move quickly. Sorry my feedback isn't the most insightful. Most of what I/we've built has been for people in tech so we just promote to the PH community or on Twitter, which results in quick and valuable feedback.
Joe Martin
@le_yass @rrhoover Agree with Ryan. I ran a lot of surveys at Adobe (big budget) and am now preparing to do some with CloudApp (small budget). With any survey the key is statistical significance. You will probably want a min of 1000 correspondence to really have a solid foundation to draw conclusions from. Also, look for survey efficiency, you can use it both for internal usage and prepare a whitepaper or report from the results (ex of one I did for Adobe years and years ago https://success.adobe.com/assets...) That way you can potentially have a solid piece of content, try and pitch results to press for PR, AND have the data to drive your product. Hit me up if you need any other thoughts.