What are the best distribution channels for podcasts?

Nirant K
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This can be answered in several ways e.g. the really older ones like Joe Regan, really do well with Youtube. Lot of the new-old amazing ones like ReCode are syndicated across platforms from iTunes to Soundcloud and Google Podcasts. Is Instagram stories a form of ephemeral podcasts? How do you select which to prioritize? Do you edit and customize content for different platforms?


@nirant_k Are you launching a podcast soon? I host a podcast called Techish which we originally featured on Soundcloud - we immediately started getting listens and engagement just by sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Since then we've expanded so we feature on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. We're on most podcast apps. I see Spotify investing heavily here - they acquired Gimlet Media and Anchor - I think they will really improve their product to be *the* best podcast platform out there. I prioritize based on audience. I don't think it makes sense to limit yourself to a single platform if you want to maximize subscriptions and downloads.
Ryan Hoover
While we don't invest the effort, I would consider syndicating on YouTube as well including cutting the podcast into clips that focus on a particular topic in the conversation. I haven't looked at the numbers but I bet the majority of Joe Rogan's YouTube views come from those clips in aggregate.
Michael Berhane
@nirant_k Hey! co-host of the Techish podcast alongside @abadesi. You need to be on all the major pod platforms. Youtube also if you have the capability. Leverage social media! Use waave.com to create mini clips and share freely on IG/Twitter etc.
Joe Martin
@nirant_k I love the Anchor.fm platform. Its simple to use and has great distribution. Defintiely try and extend the original content as much as possible like Ryan said. Record your casts and post that content to Youtube then link to each other.