what is the best and easy Digital Assets Management system you used before ?

Momen Elshamy
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There are dozens out there. What price point do you need to be in and what kind of content? More video and imagery or more docs and spreadsheets?
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@richard_averitt1 my focus on docs and brand assets regarding Price is is not important for me , actually I ask this question to know more about the market and what is the best solution users prefer as we are working on adding this feature to our PowerPoint plugin "Premast Plus "
@momen_elshamy I'd love to connect with you directly. We have been serving major artists and archives for 6 years (Bob Dylan, Essence Magazine, Billy Joel etc) and recently brought a truly low cost SaaS version to market to be the command center for all SMB and independent creatives. We are API driven so could easily explore if an integration helps us both. richard@starchive.io
Founder at Premast
@richard_averitt1 Sure it will be awesome and sure we can collaborate, You can contact me at momen@premast.com or my twitter account