What is the best part of being freelance?

Andrea Paci
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Feel free to add comments if no option fits you, thanks.


Gilad Uziely
I've been researching the freelance space for a while now and the most common answer you'll get will always be directly connected to freedom (flexible hours, being your own boss etc.). However, once you ask 'why is this important to you?' you'll find the truth which is not always positive. The most common one will be because of a health issue.... Of course - many freelancers, especially in tech, design and the related fields choose it just because they are looking for freedom.
Andrea Paci
@gilad_uziely You are absolutely right. It is true that always depends on the countries (and their national health system) but when you go to deepen to the dynamics that lead people to the choice, the one you mentioned is often the one that push the decision. Thanks for your reply