How I failed at launching on Product Hunt...

David Miranda
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This was a painful blog post to write. I spent so much time and effort preparing for a big launch day that, when it failed, it was devastating. I got kinda depressed and felt like I couldn't keep going for weeks. I had put 6 months into marketing and hired 5 freelancers (which I honestly couldn't afford) to help me with copywriting, marketing, and outreach — and then I made a couple mistakes that erased a lot of that effort and made two of my Product Hunt launches fail! I wrote this post so other people could learn from my mistakes and get some insight into all the nuts and bolts behind a Product Hunt launch, so they can be more successful than I was.


Felipe Otálora
Amazing post @panphora it gives me a lot of insights on how to make good PH launches and I am also planning to use Ship so all of those hints are very useful. One thing I do notice is that if you can provide value to users without having to code anything you should always take that path and be as lean as possible, full YC advice. Cheers!
David Miranda
@felipe_otalora Thank you for reading Felipe! I hope your launch goes well! Let me know if you want any more tips :)
Erişhan Erdem
Very helpful and very clear. I will launch my first product on PH and cannot describe how helpful your article is. I will, for sure, be more careful about that little details as you mentioned on your post. Thank you for the help @panphora!
bob sadino
Thank you for the information I really like remakeapp but i think the service price is high. thats my advvice make it cheap as posible like 5-6$ with costume domain also there's nothing wrong with your app but it need to be marketed because not all people iinterested in make a web app. Thank you for makin this app. im fullstack dev will use yer app
David Miranda
@bob_sadino1 Yes, you might be right. If you're interested in talking further, join the Discord chat. Do you think $5 for one app and a custom domain makes sense?
Rhona Aylward
What a wonderful post @panphora! Thanks for sharing.
David Miranda
@rhona_aylward Thank you for your support! And congrats on your beta launch of Pocket Vision! It looks like a great way to keep track of a bunch of projects!
Rhona Aylward
@panphora Thanks! We're not quite ready to launch on Product Hunt but I've bookmarked your post for when we do.
Jana Cagorovic
@panphora most honest blog, I've read for launching on PH. Thanks for sharing! I've also been in a similar situation, but it's good that you haven't given up.