So we did not get the launch we hoped for in PH. Now what?

Rajesh Shanmugam
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It stared 3 months back when we started working closely with a "paying" customer to build our product out. After several iterations we had something one customer loved. Then we shared with few more customers and tuned the product before finally launching in PH earlier today. We self hunted the product and spread the word among our friends to get the post going. Seems like we did everything right so far. We landed last in the popular section under the dreaded "Show more" fold and never really recovered enough to get in the top 10. And if you have launched at all in PH you know you are going nowhere if you dont break into the top 10 soon enough. Its a shame because we have here a serious product that is live at few hundred customer sites, while it may not be a "sexy" product but its proven to get the job done for customers who have the need. It feels harsh to every hardworking entrepreneur when you are doing every "right thing" but you dont see the results you so "deserve". You feel a strong urge to blame the system (may be the PH ranking algorithm is flawed) and I did and I am pretty sure I will regret I did someday thats not today. So now what? As a first step we will do a full retrospect later tomorrow. Clearly we could have done a better job at building an audience for the launch. In our defense we did not do that in our previous launch either yet managed to trend in top 5 for most part of the day. PH is an invaluable platform for every startup entrepreneur and its worth optimizing for success here, however almost all of the traction post launch for us came from elsewhere (App stores, marketplaces and Google search) so there is hope beyond a dud PH launch. Marching on.. < rant />
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