GoalMarkAsComplete problem

Ferenc Forgacs
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Hi, can someone help me with the following problem, please? My goalMarkAsComplete mutation looks like this: mutation GoalMarkAsComplete($goalMarkAsCompleteInput: GoalMarkAsCompleteInput!) { goalMarkAsComplete(input: $goalMarkAsCompleteInput) { node{ id } } } Passing the variables like this: goalMarkAsComplete({ variables: { GoalMarkAsCompleteInput: { goalId: id } }}) And I get the following error: [GraphQL error]: Message: Variable goalMarkAsCompleteInput of type GoalMarkAsCompleteInput! was provided invalid value, Location: [object Object], Path: undefined I'm using react with Apollo. Probably something ridiculous but I can't figure it out. Thank you for your help 🙏


Dhruv Parmar
@feriforgacs hey, seems like there is an issue with the input object you are passing. Can you try renaming the `GoalMarkAsCompleteInput` inside the variables object to `goalMarkAsCompleteInput` instead ? If that doesn't work try to inline the input object with the mutation? for e.g something like this mutation { goalMarkAsComplete(input: { goalId: 37188 }) { node { id } } }