What to do after an accelerator?

Maxim Zavadskiy
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What happens after an accelerator 😱? Usually, not much. Should something happen? Hell, yes! The article my friend wrote explains what good accelerators are supposed to do, what one can do after a not-so-good accelerator and why it matters. https://www.growthclub.online/po...


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Hey that sounds surprisingly useful! My team is just now finishing an accelerator program we did over the past 12 weeks, and we have been thinking about next steps to continue to utilize what we built up during the program. This looks like something that would be exactly in that vein.
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@henry_zhang3 Yes, accelerators recognize that there is hardly any after party so to say. We are negotiating about parthnership with a few at the moment. Meanwhile feel free to get a trial meeting on GrowthClub - https://www.growthclub.online/qu...
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@maxim_zavadskiy1 I'll be sure to try a trial! Your article mentioned that the requirement was 5k in RMM though. If we don't hit this requirement is this still something that we can trial?
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@henry_zhang3 We don’t have a requirement around MRR but more about the commitment to the project and you as a founder. The MRR number you are seeing is average MRR of members in GrowthClub. Welcome to hop on a trial meeting!
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