Let's shake-up the supplier-client relationship

Pierre Maynial
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Hi there, Support us in our mission to bring more efficiencies in supplier-client relationships! Also, give us your feedbacks on our landing page! In many B-to-B sectors, clients impose long payment terms (30, 45, 60 days or more). As a result, many vendors are financially fragile: due to limited credit access, they find themselves struggling to pay wages and bills. This is why we've come up with Reinfund platform. We give businesses the opportunity to accelerate payments from clients by offering them early-payment discounts. On the buyer's side, even small discounts can be very compelling: enjoying a 2% discount in exchange for paying bills 30 days earlier is like a 28%-ARR investment! If buyers have cash on hands, they would be crazy to not accept the deal. So, it is a "win-win" situation: our platform manages the entire workflow so that: - vendors can boost their cash flow "on demand"; - buyers can increase their profits significantly. The system is simple but the right tools and processes are needed. This is why we're here! So, support us! Thanks!


Amanda Trincher
You are right, suppliers play a very important role in running a business. Fortunately, there are many b2b marketplaces like https://portuguese.globalsources... where you can find everything you need for business and new business contacts. This makes it easier to find