Does anybody knows how long it takes google to review a chrome extension.

Fayeed Pawaskar
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I recently started working on a new extension called alTab that will help in tab management, after completing it I published it on chrome Webstore it been 24 hours and it is still showing "Pending Review", does anybody knows why it is taking so long or what might be the cause, Thanks!


Jonathan Minori
Hi @fayeed_pawaskar. We just had our app approved earlier this week. We submitted it last Friday and it was approved on Tuesday morning. I would imagine the weekend had something to do with the long delay. What I know is the approval time depends on the degree in which your extension requires certain levels of access to the user's browser, desktop, etc. I couldn't find any information that explains the wait times based on access. I would give it another 24-48 hours before trying to reach out. Also, make sure your copy/art is in order. If you want to change copy like we did you have to resubmit and so far it seems to take just as long...
Egan Bisma
I took our app 2 days to be reviewed. As other comment mentioned, I also feel weekend would give some sort of delay. To get you a good idea, we required two permissions: tabs and a specific website. And also, the smallest thing you want to modify (like some small code change or typo in the chrome extension description) will require you to publish and wait for another review, which is understandable but can be a bit frustrating lol
Angelin Morrie
I am not sure about it. Although if you have some bad reviews and want to remove it then I will suggest you to visit Repdefender They are providing bad reviews removal services by following the google guidelines.