Games with collaborative elements

Parth Sharma
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What are best examples of games with collaborative elements? Where instead of competition many players must collaborate on a quest? Currently I can think of Minecraft and Reddit Place as good examples. What all such games have you encountered?


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I can think of a few that are still quite competitive but where you must collaborate in order for one or some player(s) to succeed : - Ultimate Chicken Horse (Multiplayer platformer, you have to go from point A to point B and you can put helping structures or traps and everyone has to try to reach the end) - Project Winter (Hidden roles including traitors, but most of the time you have to collaborate to reach objectives in order to flee from where you are with other players)
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@baptiste_morch Thanks so much for the reply :)! I will check them out!
While competitive, many MMO games have massive open world collaborative tasks that people have to work collectively. Check out the Scarab Lord title.
Manyland is the best example imho.
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@henry_dobson Nice pick!