Please evaluate my landing page

Cody B. Gaskin
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We recently made some updates to our landing page. Please can you give me some feedback.


Cody B. Gaskin
Any feedback appreciated.
Alex Arevalo
@cody_gaskin1 I am a product manager so this fits in exactly with what I would want to be able to capture user feedback. One thing I would recommend though is some type of demo or screenshots of the actual app. Aside from the concept, I have no idea what this app might look like or do. Theres also a ton of competition so unless I see how your app is any different than the others out there, I'm not sure I would go with it.
Pawel Lubiarz
@cody_gaskin1 The landing page looks good from the design point of view, in my opinion. As @alex_arevalo said, I would include some demo or screenshots - I would love to see the app in action! Also, there's quite a lot of text that I scanned through - maybe think about minimalizing the amount of written content on your LP and add some animations, so that the page will seem more interesting to a potential user/client. I would also make the CTA button bigger, and more visible throughout the whole page (maybe you can include it in various sections?). There are some minor issues with spacing between the graphics and text, it would be best to fix that ASAP. Overall, despite some issues, I got a good vibe out of this landing page, and I believe that with some tweaks here and there it can get better and translate into better conversion. I'll be looking forward to an updated version and I keep my fingers crossed for your success!
Greg Oprendek
it looks great! As others have said more description/images of the product in action would be great. I'd be curious to know more about the audience I can gain access to from using the tool as well.