How do people hunt products for ProductHunt?

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I mean, how do people know or look/hunt down the products and submit it in ProductHunt? Which websites, blogs, videos they visit/bookmarked to hunt down this product? I also want to hunt down products which are new and made it public here, how do I do that? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


James Skarzynski
If I understand what you're asking, most products posted here are either posted by the creators, or the creators reach out to the "Hunter" who will hunt it for them. Very few people actually find out about a product theyre not affiliate with and then post it here.
Thanks @jamesskarzynski So, the creator reach out to hunter? That's how it works. I thought, there is some website or directory where hunter visits on daily basis and find the product and add it here. So, what a person need to do to become the hunter, so that the creator will ask him to hunt his product and add it in product hunt?