Contacting Online Content Creator

Alex Matei
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Hi. I am looking to find some content creators from different platforms, like youtube, instagram, snapchat, tiktok, pinterest, tumblr, educational websites and so on. I want to confirm a hypothesis. Basically a problem that online content creators might face. But it's more difficult than I had imagined. Considering their massive inbox, they don't even see the DM's since my DM goes directly to Request Messages, and can't seem to respond on emails either ( I didn't find an email for most of them ). Do you know other ways that could be more effective to reach them ? Or maybe to know personally a person that is a content creator and would be willing to help ( just answering a few questions ). That would really help me to understand the problem, ( or even if they face this problem at all ). Thanks :)


Alex Papageorge
Like a social media Feedly?
Alex  Matei
@alex_papageorge Oh no. I think you might have misunderstood me. When I was referring to their massive inbox, I was talking about me sending them DM's and they not answering them, because obviously they do not see the message. So I was wondering what other ways I can use to reach them since DM and emails clearly don't work. PS: Nice idea with Feedly :). That actually falls somehow into the problem I'm investing.
Jas Mowgod
Some influencers will have their manager's email in their bios either on Instagram or TikTok.