Hey tech employers, what do you wish to see in a junior dev portfolio?

Huaiyu Khaw
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Designing a web app to show what side projects my student dev friends are building. (1) to encourage the beautiful practice of building side projects (2) to have a directory easy to check out what my friends are doing. (3) make friends and talk to the makers of the products that I found interesting. (4) that directory then becomes a place for tech employers to spot interesting portfolios.


Paul Rinaldi
I'm not an employer yet, but this may help if no employers are on here yet! https://www.youtube.com/user/Tyc...
Kelvin ko
For me, It would be great to have a link to some actual coding. For example, some project in GitHub (even simple app is fine). I think other engineer interviewer would like to see the coding style (e.g. naming, pattern, structure and library).
Rhona Aylward
Examples using all the different programming languages they can work in
Huaiyu Khaw
@rhona_aylward Thanks. Would adding the framework/stacks they are familiar with make sense too? One thing I think I should avoid is making them language/tools focus, instead the problem solving skills are more important, as tools can be learned when it is needed. Thanks for pointing it out!
Rhona Aylward
@huaiyukhaw Yes, definitely! That's true about tools being learned but as an employer I'd hire a junior dev with some demonstrable knowledge over someone who says they can learn a tool but has no practical knowledge of it. When you're looking for a job, any small advantage is worth highlighting :-)