Do you find time for sports activity between business tasks?

Vladimir Ivanov
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Piotr Gaczkowski
A wise startup founder once told me that when you start a business you have time only for the following: 1. Sleep 2. Do sports 3. Read/learn 4. Work All the leisure comes afterwards once you gain traction.
Alex Papageorge
All the time my friend. Your body needs a physical release. Just 30 minutes will go a long way. Try it out for a week!
John Yeung
I start my morning with a morning job. Then random sets of burpees and push ups in between work items haha
Mark Leva
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Dorothy M. Shell
I definitely find time for sports in the gym, because my health directly depends on this factor. Even in the case when there is no time for the gym, I train at home according to programs from These are the coolest workouts that are easy to do with improvised means at home. Sport - is life!
Germ Eja
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Alex Dombrowski
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