What functionality does your MacBook TouchBar misses? Want to build something awesome

Andrey Patseev
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Maybe it's there but I don't know, but I would love the ability to create a custom touchbar for any application that doesn't have one. Maybe just something that assigns a keyboard shortcut to an icon in the touch bar. I would also love the ability to overwrite some apps' touchbar settings with my own custom ones.
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@caroline_chiari I'm not sure that I understood you correctly, but if you have your apps in dock, you can use https://pock.dev/ to quickly access them via touchbar
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@andreypatseev That's not really what I meant. Let's say for example I am playing a video game, it doesn't have a touchbar interface. I want to be able to have a customized touchbar for this application made of shortcuts I created (like cmd+s to save etc.)