A question for those of you who belong to a Slack community

Ben Johnston
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I'm thinking about building a free bot to scratch an itch that I have but I'm not sure if I'm alone. Problem People spend all their time in their company's workspace in Slack but belong to many community workspaces. Unless you are diligent about switching to your other workspaces you miss out on conversations you care about. When you do switch workspaces you see expired conversations. Over time you disengage. Solution The bot connects your community workspaces to your primary workspace. You choose what channels in these communities you care about and we send updates to your primary workspace throughout the day. This will benefit community members by letting them stay connected to the conversations that matter to them and community managers by driving engagement. Would you use this? Does the problem it is solving resonate?


Valerie Fenske
Hi Ben, I belong to 10+ Slack communities, and I've been into this for more than a year already. So probably I can help. It's true that you can easily get disengaged: you may miss notifications, and indeed you miss the threads discussions. Yep, this problem does resonate with me.
Elen Udovichenko
I have the same problem - although I'm a member of just 3 Slack communities, keeping up with all the channels there has been a real struggle. So your solution could be a real life-saver!
Piotr Gaczkowski
This is a problem I often noticed myself. However, I don't necessarily have a primary workspace as all the Slack communities I am active in are, well, communities. Besides, in my opinion the problem stems from the fact of how Slack was designed versus how it is used. Its real-time features make it very hard for async readers to catch up. It favors short rapid bursts of messages rather than longer thoughts.
Ben Johnston
@doomhammer Thanks Piotr. In your case would an email be better?
Piotr Gaczkowski
@ben_johnston1 This is an interesting question! I think a form of email digest showing what's going on could be helpful!