Share your product here to get support, feedback, users (w/c 27th of July)

Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Alexey Polishchuk
Greetings, everyone. Hope everyone is staying cool and safe. Engly - is a simple app that helps english learners around the world improve their listening skills. You can listen to different scripts voiced over by professional native speakers and also check your knowledge right away. You may find it helpfull if you are preparing for english exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. The product is fully available in the Appstore in all regions. Any support and feedback is appreciated ) Appstore: Thanks all 🙏
eli kimball
Hey makers, We just launched Meta, a simple way to navigate and work with your desktop applications, files, and browsers. Our beta version contains three main tools called Meta bar, rewind, and spaces: - Meta bar is the control center. It makes it easy to search for info across devices within any application and throughout your library. - Rewind lets you replay and recall any event that's ever occurred on your desktop. This means you can revisit a browsing session, email, or project and open it as if you never left. Every detail is restored even where the window was positioned. -Spaces are self-contained work-spaces where you can organize and streamline your desktop content. You can also push, pull, and tag anything into these spaces. We're currently trying to define our audience, iron out bugs, and get as much feedback as possible while were in beta. We'd love for you to try it out and share your thoughts. (Only available for MacOS Catalina) Here is the link to our install guide:
Lluís Ventura
Hello everyone! This week we are releasing a PiP button for your GMeet. When you are sharing your screen you will be able to see other participants while presenting or moving from one tab to another without losing them. ( allows you to write down and share agendas, notes and next-steps on every meeting and keep track of what you decided inside your Calendar. Your feedback is really welcome. Visit PS: Additionally, we are starting something new, and would love your help! If you work remotely, spend your days in calls, and feel that some of them could be an email, please, register at: and we will be in touch soon!
Edward Burton
Thanks for the thread @aaronoleary, Exciting times here at, we've just opened up an early-access version of the platform. Theshopfront is a fully integrated eCommerce platform where you greet every visitor, shaping every part of their online experience. Your customers can interact via video, audio or text message. This is the first ever human to human shopping experience, built for high quality brands that need to personally engage in the selling process. We're really keen to get some interested early-access users to help us refine and develop the product, so good to connect to some of the keen minds here on producthunt, You can access the plafform here: