What is the best payment system for a website and why?

Vlad Zaev
6 replies
I'm curious about payment systems that can be used for a simple website and currently in use at your projects. For example, for some people PayPal is best option, because they have its card to make payments, for others Stripe is much better because it can transfer payments strictly to their back account. And there are so many of them. So wich one is better for you and why?


Andrea Cavagna
We always used Stripe, easy to use and great documentation to implement
Valerie Fenske
opt for Stripe to stay on the safe side
Baptiste Morch
Interesting question : - Stripe : Very dev friendly (doc +++) and very flexible with a strong and secure solution to process payments - Paypal : the Wordpress of payment solutions imo. Everyone knows it, everyone used it at least once (I pay a lot of things with my Paypal account), and offer some "easy" solutions (Paypal checkout) to integrate, but easy doesn't mean user-friendly. - Moneris : Believe it or not, if you come from Canada like me, some organizations want their transactions data stored in their country rather than in another country (even if it's the US), so it's really not user-friendly or dev-friendly, but because of this criteria, we used it in some projects. I would vote for Stripe as well, but sometimes, you don't have that choice. :/ At least one I don't recommend at all : Netbanx / Paysafe. Bad experience on every level.
Amanda Trincher
I think that anyone who has ideas to keep up with PCI compliance can work, and can ensure the proper security of payments and payment data. You can read what does it mean to be pci compliant here to see what I mean.