Finding a partner/ co-founder during these weird times

Christian Heine
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Hey everyone, I am struggling with a particular question for a while now and would love to pick your brains. A good while ago, I decided to leave a well-paying corporate job to embark on the journey of starting my own company/ product. I wanted neither a partner nor an outside investment back then. There was a whole array of reasons. One was that I clearly suffered some kind of imposter syndrome and needed to at least realize it (still working on that though). Another reason was that for a while I really wasn't sure about the idea (it's in a rather competitive space). Being a solo-founder does have some real benefits, but over time I also realized that it comes with a lot of downsides. These downsides seem to amplify the more the product gets real dynamic (i.e., real-life feedback). So I have been thinking about partnering with someone for a while now. I considered finding a suitable partner hard, to begin with, but since COVID struck, it seems even harder to connect with like-minded people. So what I really want to ask is: What are your recommendations on finding a partner/ co-founder (with technical skills but also able to design UX, maybe even marketing) during these weird times? Christian


Andrea Cavagna
A co-founder, to me is a person that is have to be a complementary of your skills, but a person with the same Mission and vision.
Catherine Chen
Find people who are passionate about what you are doing. There are groups online (such as IndieHackers or Slack groups) that can help create connections. I personally would dig around for people who seem like good candidates and reach out to them asking for advice or if they would be interested.