Any SaaS startups here?

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Hi guys, we've just launched our Early Stage program for Announcefly (formerly Treefort) that got product #3. Announcefly is the only SaaS-specific product development and roadmapping tool that helps you figure out what to build next by crowdsourcing features with your users. If you are a SaaS startup, I'd love for you to apply here: as you get 6 months completely FREE access to the Growth plan ($300 value). We'll be shipping it on PH on Monday, but you can apply now! Thanks and looking forward to your feedback, Reece


Thom Malone
This looks interesting. Do you have to be part of an accelerator to join?
@thom_malone Thanks Thom. Generally we do reserve it for startups in an accelerator as we can grow with them and nurture them throughout the program. However, we do have some acceptions in the program if they fit our ICP. Please submit the form and I'll check it out! Otherwise it's only $19/mo
Ștefan Prohnițchi
HOW TO QUALIFY? To qualify for early-stage credits, you must be a startup in your initial launch or early stages of your company's growth. If you are unsure, contact us and we'll let you know if you qualify. Is it enough to be in the ideation / development stage for a SAAS startup?
@anicetix Hi Stefan, thanks for your question! It really depends, we do it on a case by case basis where we think we can help the startup grow. I noticed your application was rejected as we didn't get much info about you. Please can you reply to the latest email and break down a bit more about your use case and how you'll use Announcefly? I can then hopefully re-check it :P)