¿How much time do you waste making presentations?

Ignacio Jimenez Navarro
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Hello Product Hunt! This is Ignacio, co-founder of ExLide. ExLide is a Spain based startup born with the aim of helping companies and employees to reduce the time spent on PowerPoint making presentations. Feel free to check our launching soon web: www.exlide.pro Over the past few years me and my team have worked in investment banking and private equity. During that time we have realized how much time is wasted on PowerPoint, especially on all formatting issues. We did a survey of employees and companies in Spain, but I wanted to share with this great community our vision and get feedback from other cultures, countries and visions as well. As a result of our previous work, our team is expert in strategy, analysis, etc. Therefore, if you have any doubt where you think we can be useful, we will help without any problem (give to receive). Cheers, Ignacio
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