How are you conducting user interviews remotely?

Cody B. Gaskin
3 replies
Hey Friends. I really would like to know how everyone is conducting user interviews remotely. How are you recruiting users, how is the feedback gathered? Any response on this would be helpful. Thanks.


Amy Tang
Hey Cody, I've been setting up Zoom or Google Meet meetings and asking for permission to record for my notes. I used to do phone meetings, actually, but the pandemic has made video much more standard and I've found it really helps with building rapport with my users. As for recruiting, I've been posting on PH and some Facebook groups with mixed results. A friend suggested Slack channels so that's on my list for next week. Hoping someone else has a better answer for this!
Cody B. Gaskin
@amy_tang Hey Amy. Looks like you have been trying a few methods. Let me know which channel yields the best results.
Kateryna Cherniei
I use Telegram. Reaching out mostly admins of relevant channels and asking them questions regarding my product. Slack works great too. So many communities!