How do you find a dream team for your startup?

Rostislav Gogolauri
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I already have a product which is currently in production. I have been working on it alone for some time, now I realize that I really need a team. I would love to have several co-founders to work together on the project. Several words about the project: Lampgram is an AI-powered digital goods marketplace with 0% fees. It is a marketplace with goods for crypto. What for? The main goals are to make digital products available for purchase using crypto-dollars, as well as attract developers and designers who want to save on bank commissions and other payment fees. Please upvote if you like it 👍 Thanks💰


Julia Buck
I think the most valuable team member you can have in a startup is someone who will check you. Whether that be challenging your ideas, helping you calm down or just a good old fashioned reality check. Startups of any kind can make you crazy, so weather its a co-founder, employee, or even your mom, having a critic around can be the most beneficial part of a team for a founder.
Laura Vasquez
What kind of team members are you looking for specifically?