Can I report posts on PH Discussions?

Henry Dobson
11 replies
Spam on this platform is getting out of hand every single day. Today and yesterday were the worst in a loooong time. Just scroll down and you can see dozens of SEO spam posts from 2-3 different accounts. What can we do?


Amy Tang
seriously! what's going on?
Henry Dobson
@amy_tang There were always a few spam links but they were so few that we'd just ignore them. Spammers discovered PH I guess :( It has only become worse since I posted the thread.
Deepak Joshi
I don't think anybody cares
Ana Marshall
lol, wow - just started scrolling and saw what you were talking about. I'm not even sure what the point is besides an arbitrary backlink
Alex Arevalo
@amy_tang @deepak_positive Is there any other platform that might be better. The closer I get to my launch the more nervous I am getting with this platform not actually providing what I need. A true evaluation if people will use or provide feedback on my product.
Henry Dobson
@amy_tang @deepak_positive @alex_arevalo I'd wager launching it over here is still a good call, it's harder to spot spam over on the main page. And there would be less because they are not trying to get an arbitrary backlink as Ana said.
Oleksandr Senyuk
Muting users would be great.
eli kimball
This is very much needed. Is there a way to tag an admin in this discussion?