Do you like to apply for documents (passport, visa) online? What was your best or worse experience?

Nastya Mikeyeva
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Philippe Hadey
I had a great experience with administrative and legal documents via legalstart. If i can apply online - i would do it first
Devdeep Bag
Yes, but the process is always tedious. Lots of documentation! Understandably, it is considered the norm - but it's a terrible user experience.
Nastya Mikeyeva
@devdeep_bag Thanks for sharing your experience! But is it easier to apply online? Or are online forms the same as offline ones?
Christina MacDonald Sikand
Applying for an Indian tourist visa online is SUPER easy. Not only was it is a simple forum, there's typically only a 24 hour turn-around period. For example, I landed in Singapore on Thursday - applied from the airport and was back in India on Sunday. It helps that the entire experience is elevated from how fast and convenient the Delhi airport immigration is.
Mason Wheeler
E-Visa and passport is a framework created determined to save travelers from long haul and tiring regulatory methodology, as well as making an option in contrast to visas gave at the lines. Online clients can apply for visas online to the nations they wish to visit.
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Stacey Bloom
Personally, I'm a proponent of technology. Nowadays there are a lot of tools and services that speed up all processes and save time that you can spend on yourself or your loved ones. I apply for documents online only. I recently tested a service that allows you to take a passport photo online in accordance with all requirements. You just need to take a photo on your phone, following a few rules, and upload it here. They will check it and send you a finished version for printing. I think it’s very convenient, and you don’t have to go to an offline studio.
When I decided to apply online for a passport, I felt a bit unsure. But, determined not to be put off, I started looking for information on the internet. Among many websites and forums, I came across There I found a lot of useful tips and advice on the application process, as well as information on the necessary requirements and deadlines. Thanks to this website, I was able to submit my documents without any problems or delays, and I learned a lot about how to effectively use online resources for various administrative procedures.