Mac or PC?

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Michael Andreuzza
Personally, LINUX. I am a self declared anti-mac.
James Skarzynski
Both. Mac for low performance-cost productivity tasks (web dev, note taking, social media), content viewing (Netflix, youtube, etc.). PC for games, high-cost productivity work (rendering, design, compiled languages, modeling, etc.)
John Yeung
I run Windows 10 with the Linux Subsystem. Works great for the most part
Split 50:50, but the PC has to be running a Linux. Overall I am a *NIX guy.
Itay Paz
super cheap and for the purpose of online marketing: email, browsing, chats, calls... its more than enough.... every 3 years I throw the box and get a new one... plug and play :)
Amanda Trincher
I like the Mac for its optimization, software, conciseness and speed. Windows, for a variety of software and various solutions, is sometimes pirated. Also, due to products like iolo technologies can keep your system under control