What should be my approach to market a product?

Anshul Sojatia
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Hey Hunters, We've worked on a software and have launched it in public beta two days back. Now after those countless hours of hard work, we'd obviously like that the product to be used by more and more people. What should be my approach to market the product apart from running Facebook and Google Ads? And what are possible channels to spread the word? Update: Thanks for your responses. The product I'm talking about is EvenCart (https://www.evencart.com)


Ranvijay Singh
Hey @anshulsojatia, what's the product and is it helping users. Will love to look at it and then respond.
Anshul Sojatia
Hey @ranvijay_singh, Thank you for your response. The product is an eCommerce software platform with API. It's available at https://www.evencart.com
Sebastián Benítez
Hi @anshulsojatia, of course it depends on the product, but social platforms of all kinds are a good way to gather the initial user base to extend from. Twitter, Beta List, Beta Page, Indie Hackers, LinkedIn, Reddit… You need to get not only people to use your product, also backlinks to your web page so you rank better on search engines and more people can find you. Not to mention good SEO. If your product is good, you will receive reviews that will help with better positioning.
Shavin Peiries
Who is your audience?
Anshul Sojatia
@shavin47 Our target audience is .NET developers and designer community who are willing to use the platform for possible integration and extension via plugins and themes. We also intend to sell the source code to the enterprises who are willing to customize the software and/or build an entirely new system quickly from the core.
Shavin Peiries
@anshulsojatia The easiest way is to find where these guys are communicating. First place that comes to mind is stackoverflow & probably a .NET subreddit. Post on those and check what their feedback is like.
Satya Singh
It totally depends on the type of product, addressable market and the audience you are going after. However, one general approach I have found useful in the past is to make your product a marketing channel. For instance: a) Is there a way for the users of your product to easily refer the product to like minded people? b) If yes, is there an incentive for your existing users to refer the product? c) Do you have any network effects built into the product? As you get more producers, you get more consumers? d) Is there a way to partner with other successful companies who can help broaden the horizon of audiences organically Simply put, I prefer organic marketing (brand, product) over in organic (facebook, Google). As that will make your product sustainable and will bring growth in the long term. Facebook and Google are great for performance marketing but they don't help create the brand value every entrepreneur needs.
Anshul Sojatia
Hey @productfella Thanks for your really precise points. I really appreciate you taking time to share your experience. I believe your point about organic marketing is the gist and I should really follow that.
Dhruv Mehta
First of all, Congrats on beta version launch. @anshulsojatia As your product is e-commerce site builder, I assume that your target audience will be people who want to enter into e-commerce industry (Very niche!) So, My suggestion is to first optimize your site for SEO and work on new content like publishing blogs more often. Simultaneously, You can start with paid ads considering your niche segment and the objective should be of awareness. Hope this helps. Best Dhruv
Anshul Sojatia
@dhruv_mehta Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I should definitely focus on content writing for marketing.